Chelsea Crocos is a professional commercial makeup artist based in Perth, WA. Chelsea works on photoshoots, commercials and TV/ film productions

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Commercial Makeup Freelance Artist

When you are creating a commercial for your brand, you need a professional makeup service that you can rely on. Chelsea Crocos is a Perth-based freelance makeup artist who has years of experience designing and providing commercial makeup to businesses and brands of all types.

Her professional services make it easy to take care of one of the most important parts of recording any commercial – how your models and actors look. Chelsea will work with you to create makeup that is in line with your goals for your commercial and with the creative vision that you have.

Makeup for Your Brand

Filming a commercial requires everything to be just right, to be on-brand and to contribute towards the goals for your advertising campaign. When you’re looking for a makeup artist who can offer all of these things, Chelsea is available to help with driving your project forwards. Using her extensive experience and knowledge, as well as some of the best makeup brands and products on the market, she works to turn your wishes for your commercial into a reality. Chelsea can offer advice and ideas to assist with creating the perfect look for your actors and models.

Every makeup design is customised for your brand and your project. When you choose to work with Chelsea, you can be sure that you receive a personalised and dedicated service. The makeup for your commercial will be unique and tailored not just to the creative themes of your project but also to the natural features of your models. Whether you are looking for basic makeup for a more natural look or your commercial requires something more out there to catch your audience’s attention, professional makeup services from Chelsea Crocos will deliver what you are looking for.

Makeup That Looks Good on Camera

One of the challenges of filming for a commercial is the effect that the camera has on the people on screen. Everyone knows that the lights of the studio and the camera itself can create an imbalance, which usually needs to be corrected using makeup. Without the right makeup, everyone on screen will look washed-out and unnatural. Hiring a commercial makeup artist in Perth gives you the reassurance that you need that all of your actors or models will look beautiful on camera. As well as basic and corrective makeup, you might require makeup design that enhances and emphasises.

Successful commercial makeup needs to take a number of essential factors into account. In addition to the lighting, or perhaps lack of lighting, the makeup artist must consider the filming environment, the camera angles, the outfits, and a variety of other things. Chelsea can take all of these factors into account to create makeup that meets all of your needs for your commercial. The commercial’s stars are, of course, important too, and Chelsea will adjust makeup to suit their skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and any other factors that can affect how their makeup might look on camera.

Punctual and Professional Service

You need to know that everything will run smoothly when you create your commercial. You can often be up against the clock, particularly if you only have the recording venue for a certain amount of time or need to film at a certain time of day. When you work with Chelsea, you can rest assured that she will be punctual and work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Her services will help you to keep your project on time and running as it should be. You can rely on Chelsea to be there when you need her and to deliver what you’re looking for.

Chelsea is a highly experienced professional freelance makeup artist, with a variety of projects in her portfolio. She uses leading makeup brands, such as Lancome, YSL, and Georgio Armani to achieve professional, beautiful makeup designs. When working with brands to develop makeup for their commercials, she aims to fulfil all commercial needs while also ensuring that the actors and models in the commercial look and feel amazing. Makeup often plays a big part when it comes to getting into character, so helping actors with their makeup can prepare them for their role.

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