Chelsea Crocos provides professional makeup services for all your special events, balls and occasions.

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Glamour-look Makeup

There are occasions that call for you to be at your most glamorous. When you can’t afford to look anything other than stunning, you need a makeup artist who is up to the job. Chelsea Crocos is here to help you with your glamour-look makeup, whether you’re attending an important event, getting ready for a boudoir photoshoot or even performing on stage.

Chelsea approaches every makeup design individually, creating looks that work for everyone’s unique features. If you need to look as glamorous as possible, she will work with you to give you makeup that you love and will never forget.

Makeup for Events

Attending an important event can often require you to look as glamorous as possible. If you’re preparing to step out of a limo, be on a red carpet or just spend the evening looking your best, Chelsea’s glamour look makeup will help you. Getting ready for a big event can be stressful, especially if you’re going to be playing an important role or if everyone is going to be looking at you. But when you choose Chelsea Crocos to create your glamorous makeup for your event, you don’t need to panic. Chelsea’s professional services will make sure you both look and feel the most glam you have ever felt.

Creating a glamorous look for an event also requires you to look the part for the setting. Whether you are attending a movie premiere or going to an awards ceremony for your industry, you want your makeup to suit you and also to make sense for the event itself. When you work with Chelsea, your makeup trial can help you to discover a glamorous makeup style that meets all of your requirements. The right makeup can help you to make the best first impression, and to stay looking incredibly glamorous throughout the whole of your event.

Performance Makeup

Performances also often call for a glamorous look. Whether you’re a burlesque performer, a dancer, a model or even a musician, sometimes you just need to look your best on stage. Glamour makeup is perfect if you want to emphasise your look and be seen far away from the stage. Bold colours and highlighted eyes help your audience to focus on your face and to see your expressions, even from further away. But you don’t have to make everything bold and colourful for your performance, either. Sometimes you might want a glamorous but understated look.

When you need help with makeup for any kind of performance, Chelsea will help you to design the look that works for you. From solo performers to groups, she can use her experience and expert opinion to deliver professional services for your needs. Every makeup that Chelsea designs is unique to the individual, so you can be sure that you will receive a service personalised to you. With the best quality makeup products, you can feel assured that your makeup will stay put for as long as you need it. Glamour-look makeup will help to make your performance and your style unforgettable.

Photoshoot Makeup

Photoshoots can come in all shapes and sizes, from professional shoots for commercial reasons to personal photoshoots. If you want to get yourself ready for an important photoshoot, Chelsea’s glamour-look makeup services will have you looking beautiful and feeling confident. If you’re preparing for a professional photoshoot, she can work with models and stylists to develop makeup that works for everyone. There are many goals to meet, including having makeup that works for the model and for the campaign. Chelsea can help you to balance these goals for your professional photoshoot.

Many people having photoshoots aren’t professional models, but everyday people who want to create some special memories or perhaps just have some beautiful photos of themselves. If you are getting ready for a family photo shoot, some engagement photos or even a boudoir shoot, Chelsea’s glamour makeup services can create a unique look for you. She uses the best makeup brands and products to help you look and feel stunning and confident. One of the best reasons for a photoshoot is to raise your self-esteem, and having your makeup done professionally can really make a difference.

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